Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Q3) What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Firstly we had to define whom our target audience was going to be. We suspected our primary target audience would be young females, from the age of about 8-14, as this is usually boy bands main consumer, however, we thought it may also appeal to older females, for instance 14-24, due to them being a 90's band, they remember the track from their childhood.

Therefore, to prove this, we did a vodcast, on a variety of people, and asked them a number of questions, this was to find out who our vodcast would appeal too, and how to widen the audience if we could.

targ a

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

From this, we found that our predictions were correct, and that out target audience is going to be people that were born in the 1990's, from 12 to 28. Target Audience.

From our research, we found that Backstreet Boys did not seem to have the same influence on people, in the way Westlife and Take That did, therefore restricting our older audience, however it helped us find ways in attracting our target audience, for instance by adding a modern touch to the band, for instance wearing fashionable clothing and using attractive band members, also finding out what is good in a boy band music video was highly essential, as these are the people we are trying to target at, this may also help bring in teenage boys, who can relate to the band.

Also using, young, attractive, males, may draw in the "pink pound theory". As we are catering to homosexual customers. And using an attractive female can draw in the "male gaze." A theory by Laura Mulvey, In which we are using attractive female in our music video, she is the object of desire, and is being used for visual pleasure. This may widen the audience of the music video.

 Music Video

We used various ways of gaining audience feedback, this included, Facebook, Backstreet Boys fan pages, YouTube, class screenings, screenings to other media students, screenings to members of our year group.

YouTube is a great site for sharing videos, allowing easy access, however, not many people commented on our actual YouTube video, although YouTube did enable us to embed the link to our music video on our facebook, rather than actually uploading it to facebook, and people could comment on the link on facebook, this maybe why there was less comments on the YouTube account.

Facebook allowed us to gain audience feedback from a range of people, but mainly people of our age, which were an age in our target audience, however due to the people on facebook being our friends, they were not always commenting on how to improve our music video, but on aspects such as the band members, they did not criticise.

However, to overcome this, for our digipak images, we uploaded to the actual Backstreet Boys fan page on facebook, this was ideal, as they are obviously fans of the band, therefore our main target audience.

It was highly beneficial getting audience feedback from other media students, as they have the knowledge and experience to help you improve, and are more likely to criticise, as in the long run this makes the end result a better one. 

In total we made 5 rough cuts, un till we felt happy with the final thing.

This was our first rough cut:

This got 163 views on YouTube, and two comments. 

This was obviously not enough, therefore we screened it to available members of our class, other students in our year and our teacher.

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

From this, we got this feedback:
  • Add in more shots of our female, using editing such as slow motion and her shaking her hair 
  • cut back to the female character after the basketball hits the fence, as the cut is too big 
  • more shots of the journey down to the park of the male and female 
  • Maybe include some still images such as inside a photo booth 
  • A quicker reaction of our male when he gets hit with the basketball
  • More tighter framed shots of the basketball court, and our main singer getting hit
  • Cut down the diegetic start to five seconds 
  • Less shots of them playing basketball at the beginning before the music starts
  • More shots of the ball being thrown into the basketball net and the net itself  
  • Close up of hands and feet 
  • Add in location shots 
  • Cut out the opening shot of the female walking past, as the scenery and mise en scene is quite "ugly" 
  • Use simple effects, such as slow motion 
  • Try layering with the male and the female 
  • Edit the shots so they are all of similar colour and edit the focus 
  • Experiment with black and white, sepia and coloured shots
  • And ensure our lip syncing is in time with he lyrics 
  • We also need to ensure that the diegetic start works together, as we had to crop some of the noise out from some of the clips
  • But we should keep the sound of the basketball 
  • When the second verse ends (on the bridge) just before the last chorus, add in another clip of our female and the main singer

Therefore, we followed this and edited accordingly:
This was our second rough cut:

 Again from screening this to members of our media class, we gained this feedback:

  • Cut out the beginning of our shot of our female, and put it in slow motion
  • Make the beginning more "snappy" by using a variety of shots, and quicker shots
  • Split the first clip of them playing basketball up and cut to another show, as it is too long
  • Between the first lip sync and the ball hitting the net have a shot of our female instead of the black transition
  • Take out the black transition from our female to the four shot of the band against the net
  • Start the lyrics "as long as your here with me" a bit later, so our lead singer has already stepped towards the camera
  • When the four of them are sat on the fence, have an overlay of our female and male walking down the park
  • Place the shot of the female and male walking down the park as an overlay in the top right of the shot of them sat on the fence, this using our shots more effectively
  • Repeat the action when the band are throwing rocks in the river, rewind the shot
  • Swap the shot of our band member by the tree by the river, as it is shaky
  • Use a "ghosting effect" when they are running through the gates
  • More shots of the band walking up the bridge, as it is a nice shot
  • After our lead singer is stood by the goal post, use a shot of the main singer and the female sat on a bench, as these link in together well and there is too much of a gap with no shots of our female
This time, it only got 58 views on YouTube, showing people were watching it, but not as many, therefore we should of maybe "promoted" it a bit more.

Again, we then edited and followed these ideas, and produced our third rough cut:

This gaining 68 views on YouTube. 

However, from our audience feedback it was clear there was still room for improvement, but we realised by this point, that we were definitely heading in the right direction, and it was more about editing techniques, and last minute tweaks, showing we were nearing towards our final cut.

The audience feedback gained was:
  • Shot of the gate by itself is too long, maybe add in some footage of "wildlife" for instance birds flying away
  • Still more shots of our main singer and the female
  • After our main singer is stood by the goal post add in a shot of the female and our main singer to signify that he is thinking of her
  • Break the bit of them jumping over the gate and them running past the gate up, as they are too long
  • Make the shots on the moors "behind the scene footage" degrade the quality of the shots, especially the single shots (as seen in Guns N Roses- Sweet Child O'Mine)

  • The location shots are too long, so split them into more than one shot, use more rather than one long continuous one
  • Put the last shot of the female and male in black and white
  • Use another shot of Paula at the beginning, as she is squinting 
  • More nature shots (birds, ducks etc.) 
  • The black and white shots work well
  • The overlay by the gate and the couple walking down the park work well

We completed these, and produced our fourth rough cut:

This gaining 98 views on YouTube, and two comments, it also seemed to have a more positive reaction from facebook users, with very little criticism, showing we were definitely again near our final product.

The feedback was more last minute adjustments, to ensure a good quality music video:

  • The last shot works well in black and white
  • Much better, more editing used and shots work better at the beginning
  • Cut a bit of our last character (Jem) after he has run through the gate- too long
  • Change the second shot of our girl (she looks too sleepy etc.)
  • At 3:05, take out the shot of the rocks, does not fit in well, and as the location is a great setting, make the most of it, use a more overlooking shot of the moors, or one taken behind a tree, maybe of the town below as well
  • Make the scenery a better colour
  • The back stage footage works well, but maybe make it more back stage, such as putting lines across it, however spread it apart further throughout the video, do not have all three in a row
  • Make sure lip syncing is more tight
  •  The ghosting effect works well, but needs to be same colour as the shots before  
  •  Again add in more nature shots (for example ducks flying away) 
  • Make sure the shot of the gate by itself is not as long 
  • The editing works well of the overlay of the couple and the band sat on the fence, and so does the overlay of them walking across the bridge then onto the shot of them on the moors 
  • Ensure all shots are of the same colour ( Robbie at 1:13 is too faded out compared to the beginning shots)  
We then followed this advice, in the hope that this would be our final cut, with the video gaining 58 views on YouTube:

However, we then decided, that as there was very little to adjust, we would make these adjustments, and use this as our final cut:

  • Make the shots tighter and more in sync at the beginning
  • For the overlay of couple walking through park, fade up into the overlay
  • When they are throwing rocks in the water slow motion it backwards (reverse)
  • Take some of the de-saturation out of some shots and consider which need to be backstage footage and what don't 
We had completed everything our audience feedback had told us too, and this was our final cut:

(video to go here) 


For our digipak front and back cover, we oursleves, chose the photo we liked the best, we edited it a a range of ways, and then chose the one we liked the most. (First digipak design ideas)  

This were our chosen images:

We did gain some audience feedback on our actual blog, from a fellow media student, which shows the benefits of blogger.

We then uploaded the images to facebook, (Audience feedback on first drafts of digipak)

However, from this we realised that a lot of our feedback was just saying that they like the images, rather than how to improve upon it, therefore we uploaded the images to The Backstreet Boys fanpage on Facebook, this was beneficial as these would be the actual consumers, another thing with Facebook is that there is a "like" button, this is obviously showing that they like the images, however it does not indicate why. 

We also asked an art student, and a male of our age range, to look at the images and help us improve, as this gave a more "professional outlook."

An example of audience feedback from facebook:

Therefore, we completed what we were advised and this was our outcome:

Magazine Adverts: 

For our magazine adverts, we created two, using two images we like:

From our audience feedback, it appeared that both magazine adverts were liked as much as each other (Audience feedback on magazine adverts)

Therefore, we decided to use both adverts, as both were liked from our audience, however, it was suggested that we needed to show maybe more "skill" in our adverts, therefore we decided to make a third magazine advert:

From our audience feedback, we found that these three all work together, releasing them at different times, the one where you cannot see the band will be the first, followed by the one with the band at the front of the image, and then the one with the information on, leaving a narrative enigma. 

Also through feedback, we added in a URL, as this is what most adverts contain, where you can gather more information, and we also added in a Q quote, this was the magazine we were releasing our adverts in, and this is what most adverts in the magazine contained.

These our our final magazine adverts:

We did receive less audience feedback on our ancillary texts, this was due to them being less time consuming, and only a certain amount of things we could change, also what we had produced was liked by our target audience, however, if we were to do of done it again, we would of tried to get a wider audience feedback from different age ranges for them.

Audience feedback was essential in producing products that were liked by our target audience, and gaining other peoples points of views on how to improve, not just our own, as it will be them that we would of been selling the products too. 

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