Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Q2) How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilary texts?

Our brief was to create a promotion package for the release of an album, including a music promo video, together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak and a magazine advertisement for the digipak. 

In the actual music industry, separate companies would be responsible for each individual one of these products, one company wouldn't manufacture all three. 

For the actual music video, a company such as Lightengine Films, in which they specialise in innovative, affordable, high quality music video production for both record companies and unsigned, self-funded artists, covering all styles of music from Hip Hop to Rock/ Indie to Bhangra.

First they ask you to send them the track you want the music video to be produced for, and any ideas or storyboards you may have. They will then arrange to get in touch with you in some way, whether it be on the phone or in person, and talk about locations and final budget.

You then establish a budget, an essential aspect as it will decide what your video can in fact contain, and what will be possible to use. Generally speaking the higher the budget the better quality the music video will be. 

You will then choose locations for the shoot, Lightengines however do have many locations themselves, many free of charge, this again helping keep costs down. (Locations they have access too) 

They will then arrange the shoot, and take a deposit of 50%. 

The shoot will then take place, Lightengine promise a fun, vibrant shoot ensuring everyone is at their most creative.

After the shoot, a rough edit will be produced with a time code, you can preview this over YouTube, allowing you to have a say, giving feedback and having an input on the editing process, this will happen over many more edits, depending on budget, untill the final cut is signed and agreed upon.

They then ask for the remainder of the cost, once this is received they release the master on DVCAM tape, data disc and DVD, other formats are available at an extra cost. They also help you with file conversions for internet streaming, with sites such as YouTube. 

They can then help you with submitting your video for TV airplay and offer advice on maximizing your hit rate on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, both video sharing websites we have used throughout the coursework, this helps your music video be seen and recognised. 

Digipaks are a style of CD or DVD packaging, they typically consist of a gatefold (book-style) paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

A company such as Wewow, would produce the digipak. Again, like with the production of the music video, an artist will go to the company with a general idea for the digipak and a budget, allowing the company to produce something ideal for the artist/s. video C.D'S such as what we are putting our music video on, are becoming increasingly popular. 

Again Wewow can help you advertise with your product, especially as they shift a lot to Amazon. 

Magazine adverts are essential in promoting the other two products, they can promote the music video and the digipak, and also promote them as a pair as our digipak contains the bonus feature music video. 

Magazine advertisements get the name and what they are advertising known, and essentially buy someone buying the magazine they are buying the advert, even if they have no interest in the advertisement, making it be discussed and getting people talking. 

Magazines are great in advertising things such as this, as many magazines are kept around the home, shared between friends and colleagues, kept in doctor and dentist waiting rooms, hairdressers, meaning the advertisement could be viewed months after releasing it, giving press to the artist/s. 

Also magazines tend to be kept by the consumer for a while, they will not necessarily read it all at once, but will make sure they read all of it, unlike newspapers, making it highly likely that the advert will be seen.  

A company that may produce the advert, could be Design INC. 

This showing that the production of all three products is completely separate, and you would approach different companies for each item, this could mean that none of the three are linked.

However, due to many of these companies asking for a brief synopsis of what you are wanting, it would be of high benefit for the artist/s to keep all of them in line with each other, this making them easily recognisable, for instance if the magazine advert is similar to the digipak you will instantly know what to look for if you are interested in buying the digipak, or vice versa, if you have seen the digipak on shelf's, you will know instantly what the advert is advertising. 

It also gives the audience a "sneak preview" of what the music video will contain, especially if you use images that have been used in the video. 

It is ideal to have a recurring theme throughout the products, tying them in together. 

This is exactly what we have done, we have used the same location in all three, making them easily recognisable by the target audience. We have used a rural setting, again tying in with the genre of the band, often used for other boy bands, and making these look visually attractive. 

Not only have we kept the front and back images of the digipak in line with out other products, we have kept the inside sleeves as well, using location shots of where some of the footage for our music video was filmed.

Here you can clearly see how they all tie in together, especially because of the black and white images used, the location of the settings and the white writing, the members are also positioned in their own individual way in all these images, looking away showing their superiority

Our products all work very nicely together, and even just through audience feedback, it has shown that they have also noticed how well they all tie in together.  

This shows that if it appeals to our target audience and our primary consumers, the products have effectively combined together, the recurring themes have been noticed throughout, widening the popularity of our products and getting them well known. 

Some examples of audience feedback:

Paula Chatterjee (17 years old): She also agreed that this one was the better one to use for a magazine advert, she liked the positioning of the members of the bands, all looking in different directions, showing their personality traits within the band, the framing of the shot is really well, as all you can see are the rocks and the sky, using the location from the video very well, it ties in all together. 
Robbie Oldham (17 years old): Again thought this was better for the advert, but make the sky more blue as this will also make the band stand out more. Experiment with where you put the text, you could have it all in the sky or all on the rock. The framing is perfect, as you just have the rocks, the band and the sky, although the band do not stand out as well. This also links in with the music video, as this shot is actually used in the video.

Also due to audience feedback, we decided to release all three of our magazine adverts, these all work well together, as they start of with the first one being a teaser, leaving a lot to the imagination, and having very little information, this will get people talking about what the advert is for, again increasing hits on the website, so making the band more popular itself, the second advert, then works well, as it provides a bit more information, as you can actually see the faces, and the third obviously has all the information needed on it, the two adverts build up to the third one, leaving a narrative enigma and leaving the audience, especially fans of The Backstreet Boys in suspense, and also making them buy the magazine that the advert was released in so they can find out more. 

Also due to the images that are used in the adverts, being all from the same location, this also makes the viewers think there is something important about this location, and when they again see the digipak using this location, they will want to know more, and then they will realise that it is one of the main locations used in our music video.


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