Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Magazine advertisement

Smash Hits

Smash Hits was a pop music based magazine, aimed at teenagers and young adults, originally published in the United Kingdom. It started in 1978 and sadly ended in 2006, it was issued fortnightly. 

It is still a brand for a related digital television channel, digital radio station and website. 

In July 2009 a one off issue of the magazine was published as a tribute to singer Michael Jackson.

Again further one off magazines were published in November 2009 for Take That and December 2010 for Lady Gaga.

Sadly this magazine has stopped sales, as it would of been perfect for us to advertise Backstreet Boys in as it was a completely pop based genre. It also appeals to young people, especially young females, which is our target audience. 

Smash Hits announced they were stopping sales of the magazine after the 13th February 2006, due to decline in sales. Does this show that "the death of the boy band" is happening? As a mainly pop magazine, and sales declining are other genres taking over pop.

However, due to Smash Hits releasing a one off edition for "Take That" this shows the fame that boy bands still have, and the sales the magazine could make from releasing this addition. 

Although Backstreet Boys are not as big as Take That, could Smash Hits possibly release a one off edition for Backstreet Boys tour, or an article in general on 90's boy bands, as Backstreet Boys are touring with New Kids On The Block. 

Or could articles be released on the "new boy band" for instance JLS, The Wanted and One Direction. Comparing them to 90's bands. 

This could be doubtful, as they have already released the one off edition for Take That. 

Also with other boy bands reforming such as Blue, who are going to represent the United Kingdom in Euro vision, this could be a major scope for articles on boy bands coming back together.
Smash Hits Online

Q Magazine

Q is a music magazine published monthly in the United kingdom. 

The founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth first published the magazine in 1986, dividing themselves apart from other music magazines with monthly production and higher standards of photography and printing. 

Q website 

Q's current editor is Paul Rees, former editor of the UK edition of Kerrang! another musical magazine based on heavier rock/metal music.

The magazine has a close relationship with the Glastonbury festival producing both a free daily newspaper on site during the festival and a review magazine available at the end of the festival.

After a few years as a radio jukebox, Q radio launched in June 2008 as a full service radio station.

The station is transmitted on the digital television networks in the UK, across London on DAB and online.

There is also a Q TV television channel in the UK. Q also holds a yearly awards ceremony called the Q awards.

Monthly, Q magazine features a hugely well known band/artist, possibly that has something happening at the time. From the likes of NirvanaU2 and The Rolling Stones toLady Gaga, Simply Red and Madonna, Q really varies there featured artist.

We feel that Q magazine is the perfect magazine to advertise our new album release in as it does not focus on one genre, which makes it suitable for our boy band, which can often be difficult to find magazines which would advertise them. And a more realistic idea than Smash Hits.

Although Backstreet Boys are not as big as Take That, and are not a British band, Take That did appear in Q magazine when Robbie Williams returned to the band, therefore it is likely an advert for Backstreet Boys could appear, as the band are touring, and it will only be an advertisement not interviews or articles on the band.

It could be released under articles such as "The greatest boy bands of all time" or "Boy bands of the 90's" another key debate is whether the term boy band actually exists anymore and should be used in a post modern society, with Backstreet Boys touring with New Kids On The block, this could be relevant to the article.
Again as we are also creating a music video, the fact that Q have a TV channel could be perfect for our boy band. 

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