Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final changes to adverts

After a last minute audience feedback from our teacher, we have decided to just add on a URL below the date on the teaser advert, showing where you can find out more information about what the poster is about, again making the band get attention and giving the website more views, making people find out other aspects of the band such as them touring etc.

This advert will get people talking, as they do not know what is happening in May 2011, as it cannot be the tour as that is already going on, this is getting publicity for the band, which will then encourage more people to buy the digipak. 

This is our first teaser advert, this will be released at the beginning of April, leaving a narrative enigma 

We have also done a second teaser advert, this is to be released after the first teaser advert, we have cut out the bodies of each of our band member, from a different photo, and placed these as a separate layer on top of our background image. This is the image we have used in our first teaser advert, but we cut out the band at the top of the rock. 

This again leaves narrative enigma, as it shows the location of these adverts plays a key role in what is going to be released, it has an intertextual link with our music video. This will be released after the first advert, to give suspense to Backstreet Boys fans.

This leaves less suspense than the first one, as you can see the band completely, they are no longer a narrative enigma, however you still do not know what is to come in "May 2011."

Adding the link to the Backstreet Boys website on both these adverts, also publicises the band, linking them to dates such as the tour. 

Also, out of lucky, we liked our original images, and did not have to do too much to them, just an editing on the colours/ writing etc. So we created this one to show a bit more of our photo shop skills and knowledge.

Our second teaser advert to be released mid April 

We tried out this advert with a blue sky, however we both decided we preferred to keep it to a black and white theme, similar to our other adverts. 

And we will use the advert below as our final advert, to be released at the end of April, showing what the other adverts have been about, what the digipak contains (a bonus music video) and when the digipak is being released. It also has a quote of what Q magazine (the magazine we are releasing our adverts in) on their opinion on the band, inspiring Q magazine readers to buy the digipak. 

All these dates work well together for the digipak to be released mid May, as this is when the band are touring. 

Rough cut 4 audience feedback

(Comments from the video on YouTube) 
  • The last shot works well in black and white
  • Much better, more editing used and shots work better at the beginning
  • Cut a bit of our last character (Jem) after he has run through the gate- too long
  • Change the second shot of our girl (she looks too sleepy etc.)
  • At 3:05, take out the shot of the rocks, does not fit in well, and as the location is a great setting, make the most of it, use a more overlooking shot of the moors, or one taken behind a tree, maybe of the town below as well
  • Make the scenery a better colour
  • The back stage footage works well, but maybe make it more back stage, such as putting lines across it, however spread it apart further throughout the video, do not have all three in a row
  • Make sure lip syncing is more tight
  •  The ghosting effect works well, but needs to be same colour as the shots before  
  •  Again add in more nature shots (for example ducks flying away) 
  • Make sure the shot of the gate by itself is not as long 
  • The editing works well of the overlay of the couple and the band sat on the fence, and so does the overlay of them walking across the bridge then onto the shot of them on the moors 
  • Ensure all shots are of the same colour ( Robbie at 1:13 is too faded out compared to the beginning shots)  

Here is a few comments from Facebook:

Final magazine adverts

This is our final draft of our "teaser" magazine advert, this adds suspense of what the digipak will contain, but also what is being released about the Backstreet Boys as it does not state that we are releasing the digipak.

Due to us releasing our digipak for may 2011, whilst the Backstreet Boys are touring, fans will know it is not an advert for the tour as the tour has already begun. 

The image adds suspense and a narrative enigma, it only contains the words "May 2011" and "Backstreet Boys." The image also leaves a narrative enigma as you cannot properly see the bands face, but the low angled shot gives them superiority and adding suspense. 

It gives an insight into the music video that will be released with the digipak without the audience knowing, as this is a location used in our music video. 

This will be released in Q magazine.

This is our actual advert, advertising our digipak and what it contains (bonus music video), it also states when it is released, and a quote from the magazine that we are releasing the advert in, Q magazine. 

This will appeal greatly to Q magazine readers as they will trust the magazines opinion as well as it being a widely recognised music magazine. 

The glow over the band members faces make them stand out more, which was one of the things we were told to alter in our audience feedback. The image is simple but effective, and also gives an "insight" into the video as this is a location used in the video. 

We have decided to release both magazine adverts, the teaser advert will be released to Q magazine prior to the actual magazine advert which gives details of the digipak and when it is released. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Rough Cut 4

Audience feedback on final draft of magazine adverts

  • Experiment with placing the members in different places, maybe import them as a separate layer
  • The left and right hand side members of the band are not clear, however the main character stands out well
  • Make the faces lighter 
  • Change the quote to another play on words such as "Backstreets back and there alright"
  • The white background works well

  • As a lot of people preferred this image, we could maybe use it as a "teaser advert" 
  • Take all the text off apart from "Backstreet boys" and "May 2011"
  • This leaves a narrative enigma, and will suit the other advert which is properly advertising the Digipak and music video
  • You cannot properly see the members, again leaving an enigma
  • It can be used as a teaser advert as the digipak is being released when the band are touring 
  • The shot is also used in the music video, giving a "tease" and "taste" of the music video 

Due to this audience feedback, we have decided to take on board what was said about the second image, and use that as a "teaser advert" and use the first one as our actual advert, these will both appear in Q magazine. Therefore we will be producing two magazine adverts, each having a separate purpose, one leaving a narrative enigma, and one giving details, we could release the "narrative enigma" magazine advert before the second one, to give a taste of what is being released. 

Therefore we are going to make these changes and this will be our final magazine adverts. 

Final draft of magazine adverts

Audience feedback on rough cut 3

  • Shot of the gate by itself is too long, maybe add in some footage of "wildlife" for instance birds flying away
  • Still more shots of our main singer and the female
  • After our main singer is stood by the goal post add in a shot of the female and our main singer to signify that he is thinking of her
  • Break the bit of them jumping over the gate and them running past the gate up, as they are too long
  • Make the shots on the moors "behind the scene footage" degrade the quality of the shots, especially the single shots (as seen in Guns N Roses- Sweet Child O'Mine)
  • The location shots are too long, so split them into more than one shot, use more rather than one long continuous one
  • Put the last shot of the female and male in black and white
  • Use another shot of Paula at the beginning, as she is squinting 
  • More nature shots (birds, ducks etc.) 
  • The black and white shots work well
  • The overlay by the gate and the couple walking down the park work well

Rough cut 3

Monday, 21 March 2011

Audience feedback on Rough Cut 2

  • Cut out the beginning of our shot of our female, and put it in slow motion
  • Make the beginning more "snappy" by using a variety of shots, and quicker shots
  • Split the first clip of them playing basketball up and cut to another show, as it is too long
  • Between the first lip sync and the ball hitting the net have a shot of our female instead of the black transition
  • Take out the black transition from our female to the four shot of the band against the net
  • Start the lyrics "as long as your here with me" a bit later, so our lead singer has already stepped towards the camera
  • When the four of them are sat on the fence, have an overlay of our female and male walking down the park
  • Place the shot of the female and male walking down the park as an overlay in the top right of the shot of them sat on the fence, this using our shots more effectively
  • Repeat the action when the band are throwing rocks in the river, rewind the shot
  • Swap the shot of our band member by the tree by the river, as it is shaky
  • Use a "ghosting effect" when they are running through the gates
  • More shots of the band walking up the bridge, as it is a nice shot
  • After our lead singer is stood by the goal post, use a shot of the main singer and the female sat on a bench, as these link in together well and there is too much of a gap with no shots of our female

Friday, 18 March 2011

Audience feedback on magazine drafts (EB AND MC)

Emily Long (17 years old): This one is better for a magazine advert, she liked the fact the sky was completely white and a good contrast with the figures in front of it, she thought the black and white worked very well, but maybe make the characters stand out more.

Hannah Hartley (18 years old): She also agreed this was better for a magazine, she likes how the writing is at the bottom in white as it stands out and the fact that the black stands our most at the top, she thought the font worked well and if we used different fonts it may look "tacky" which is not the look we are going for. We are going for a more traditional magazine advert.

Paula Chaterjee (17 years old): She also agreed that this one was the better one to use for a magazine advert, she liked the positioning of the members of the bands, all looking in different directions, showing their personality traits within the band, the framing of the shot is really well, as all you can see are the rocks and the sky, using the location from the video very well, it ties in all together.

Melissa Hodgson (17 years old): She said to try the sky in blue, to give the advert some colour, just to see what it looks like, she said that the bits that stand out should be lightened such as the characters.

Gwyneth Whitehead (52 years old): She liked this one best as it shows the modern boy bands that are around at the moment, they are wearing typical clothing of a modern boy band, (such as The Wanted, JLS etc) The characters are positioned well, with the main singer taking centre stage, which is common, such as Robbie Williams often taking centre stage for Take That. 

James Crowther (17 years old):  This one is better for a magazine advert, but make the sky blue and maybe have all the writing in the sky. The font works well, and you should keep it all to the same font. It works well with the digipak, as it is all part of the same theme.

Robbie Oldham (17 years old):  Again thought this was better for the advert, but make the sky more blue as this will also make the band stand out more. Experiment with where you put the text, you could have it all in the sky or all on the rock. The framing is perfect, as you just have the rocks, the band and the sky, although the band do not stand out as well. This also links in with the music video, as this shot is actually used in the video.

Annabel Pryke (18 years old):  This is a stronger image, catches the eye a lot, maybe have the sky in blue, and even the band in colour to show their significance and that they are superior. As it is a very powerful image, maybe have all the writing in the sky. However she preferred our other magazine advert, as the band really stand out, it is straight the point, and as they are a well known band people will know this, the framing is very tightly done, and the mise-en-scene is perfect on the other image (image at top.) 

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Audience feedback on our first rough cut

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

From our audience feedback, we have realised that we have too:
  • Add in more shots of our female, using editing such as slow motion and her shaking her hair 
  • cut back to the female character after the basketball hits the fence, as the cut is too big 
  • more shots of the journey down to the park of the male and female 
  • Maybe include some still images such as inside a photo booth 
  • A quicker reaction of our male when he gets hit with the basketball
  • More tighter framed shots of the basketball court, and our main singer getting hit
  • Cut down the diegetic start to five seconds 
  • Less shots of them playing basketball at the beginning before the music starts
  • More shots of the ball being thrown into the basketball net and the net itself  
  • Close up of hands and feet 
  • Add in location shots 
  • Cut out the opening shot of the female walking past, as the scenery and mise en scene is quite "ugly" 
  • Use simple effects, such as slow motion 
  • Try layering with the male and the female 
  • Edit the shots so they are all of similar colour and edit the focus 
  • Experiment with black and white, sepia and coloured shots
  • And ensure our lip syncing is in time with he lyrics 
  • We also need to ensure that the diegetic start works together, as we had to crop some of the noise out from some of the clips
  • But we should keep the sound of the basketball 
  • When the second verse ends (on the bridge) just before the last chorus, add in another clip of our female and the main singer
 We uploaded our first rough cut onto YouTube, where people can comment and also view our music video 

First Rough Cut

Initial drafts of magazine adverts

Example of adverts in Q magazine

We have looked at this months edition of Q magazine, and how they present there adverts. 

We also noticed that this months Q magazine had an article on the come back of "The Strokes" something similar to this could be done for Backstreet boys. 

Adverts inside the magazine 

On this advert for Noah And The Whale, there is the bands name, the name of the album, a quote from actual Q magazine on the article, when the album is released and the fact it includes there new single.

It is a simple advert, with black writing on a white background, with a picture of the group positioned in the centre, all looking in different ways, showing the individual aspects of the members, this is the sort of position and stances we could use for our magazine advert.

The band name is in a larger font, and stands out the most, as it is as the top of the image. 

On this advert for Clare Maguire, the image of herself stands out the most, with her dark hair and dark eyes, this links into the black writing on the magazine advert, and her red lipstick links into the writing which is in red. 

At the top in larger writing, is Q's magazine quote for the artist, there is then quotes from other newspapers/magazines, such as "The Guardian" and "The Observer" 

Her dark hair stands out on the white background. 

There is not much information, but it has the artists name and the album name.

The background is red, which stands out immediately with a cartoon/ artistic impression of Slash, this makes the advert quirky and fun, however this is not the type of advert we would use. 

The artists name is in black, and the font goes with the whole image of the advert, almost like it has been sprayed on. 

The writing is in white, saying when the CD/DVD is released, and that it includes a single, it also states when you can pre-order it from, a website for Slash and the record company.

In yellow it says that it is a deluxe edition and the fact that it includes three additional acoustic tracks, it then states what these tracks are, it also includes a bonus DVD, by showing the audience the bonus things, it will make people more likely to buy the CD.

This is almost like a newspaper style print of a photo, the print of the bands name and the albums name is the same as the image. 

It also shows where you can buy the album from, when the album is out, and where the band are playing, therefore this advert is not only promoting the album but the band itself.

It has a small image of the album cover on the left hand side, this is useful as people will know exactly what they are looking for when they go to buy the album.

It again has quotes from various magazines on their opinion on the album, this is widening the audience, as readers who read these other magazines/newspapers from Q will then consider buying the album. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Magazine advertisement

Smash Hits

Smash Hits was a pop music based magazine, aimed at teenagers and young adults, originally published in the United Kingdom. It started in 1978 and sadly ended in 2006, it was issued fortnightly. 

It is still a brand for a related digital television channel, digital radio station and website. 

In July 2009 a one off issue of the magazine was published as a tribute to singer Michael Jackson.

Again further one off magazines were published in November 2009 for Take That and December 2010 for Lady Gaga.

Sadly this magazine has stopped sales, as it would of been perfect for us to advertise Backstreet Boys in as it was a completely pop based genre. It also appeals to young people, especially young females, which is our target audience. 

Smash Hits announced they were stopping sales of the magazine after the 13th February 2006, due to decline in sales. Does this show that "the death of the boy band" is happening? As a mainly pop magazine, and sales declining are other genres taking over pop.

However, due to Smash Hits releasing a one off edition for "Take That" this shows the fame that boy bands still have, and the sales the magazine could make from releasing this addition. 

Although Backstreet Boys are not as big as Take That, could Smash Hits possibly release a one off edition for Backstreet Boys tour, or an article in general on 90's boy bands, as Backstreet Boys are touring with New Kids On The Block. 

Or could articles be released on the "new boy band" for instance JLS, The Wanted and One Direction. Comparing them to 90's bands. 

This could be doubtful, as they have already released the one off edition for Take That. 

Also with other boy bands reforming such as Blue, who are going to represent the United Kingdom in Euro vision, this could be a major scope for articles on boy bands coming back together.
Smash Hits Online

Q Magazine

Q is a music magazine published monthly in the United kingdom. 

The founders Mark Ellen and David Hepworth first published the magazine in 1986, dividing themselves apart from other music magazines with monthly production and higher standards of photography and printing. 

Q website 

Q's current editor is Paul Rees, former editor of the UK edition of Kerrang! another musical magazine based on heavier rock/metal music.

The magazine has a close relationship with the Glastonbury festival producing both a free daily newspaper on site during the festival and a review magazine available at the end of the festival.

After a few years as a radio jukebox, Q radio launched in June 2008 as a full service radio station.

The station is transmitted on the digital television networks in the UK, across London on DAB and online.

There is also a Q TV television channel in the UK. Q also holds a yearly awards ceremony called the Q awards.

Monthly, Q magazine features a hugely well known band/artist, possibly that has something happening at the time. From the likes of NirvanaU2 and The Rolling Stones toLady Gaga, Simply Red and Madonna, Q really varies there featured artist.

We feel that Q magazine is the perfect magazine to advertise our new album release in as it does not focus on one genre, which makes it suitable for our boy band, which can often be difficult to find magazines which would advertise them. And a more realistic idea than Smash Hits.

Although Backstreet Boys are not as big as Take That, and are not a British band, Take That did appear in Q magazine when Robbie Williams returned to the band, therefore it is likely an advert for Backstreet Boys could appear, as the band are touring, and it will only be an advertisement not interviews or articles on the band.

It could be released under articles such as "The greatest boy bands of all time" or "Boy bands of the 90's" another key debate is whether the term boy band actually exists anymore and should be used in a post modern society, with Backstreet Boys touring with New Kids On The block, this could be relevant to the article.
Again as we are also creating a music video, the fact that Q have a TV channel could be perfect for our boy band. 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Digipak- Second draft of images

After gaining audience feedback on the images that we are going to use for the front and the back of our digipak, we changed our photos on photo shop to fit with what was advised.

We lightened the area of the band members, making them stand out more, especially over our lead singer, this shows his importance in the group.

We also experimented with details of the digipak, for instance adding a bar code, and a text feature at the bottom of our front of the digipak, which Jack Johnson has used for his digipak album for "In Between Dreams."

We also added a strip at the bottom of our back image for the digipak, this is where we can put information such as copy right information, a website,  bar code and a price for example. (Please note- the information we have put on at the moment is not what we will actually be using, we were just experimenting with text features.)