Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Our idea for the Digi-pak

For our digi-pak we have decided too:
  • Use a black and white image of all the members of the boy band, with just the sky as the background, we will edit the background to make it very bright blue, and that is where we will put the title of the album etc
  • It will be a medium shot, of the boys heads and shoulders, they will all be stood in their own unique positions
  • The back of the digi-pak will be in essence the back of that shot, it will be the back of the boys heads, in exactly the same positions as the shot of the front
  • The inside will then be a maroon type colour, and on the left hand side of the inside packaging will be shots of the band
  • There will be four square images, all one underneath each other, to make it resemble a photo booth photo, they will be wearing the same clothes as on the front and back of the digi-pak
  • The boys will be wearing black and white clothes, for instance a white shirt and a black tie
  • On the right hand side of the inside will be the information needed 
  • The c.d will have a maroon and black checked square on the left hand side, and it will be white on the right, this is where we will include the information 

  • Westlife used a black and white theme for their most recent album "Gravity"
  • This album was released in November 2010, this shows that it is a modern idea
  • And that boy bands are actually using this idea
  • We are releasing our digi-pak as part of an album
  • As we are releasing our digi-pak as an album, this means it is not being released as a single, we have to research what type of album it is that we want to sell
  • In January 2010, a second "Greatest hits" of Backstreet Boys was released, including the song "As long as you love me."
  • This was called "Playlist: The Very Best of the Backstreet Boys"

  • The tour finishes on July 30th 2011
  • Therefore, due to them touring, we could re release  Greatest hits, whilst they are touring, as this is when they will be in the spotlight and people we will be re listening to their songs
  • It can include a bonus addition of the new music video for "As long as you love me" which will be the video we create 
  • The album would be released for April/May time, whilst the tour is still going on  
  • This means that we will have to create a digi-pak with extra space the music video
  • We will have to advertise the new version of the music video, to promote and sell the product

Many boy bands have used shots of all members of the band for the front of their albums/singles

Westlife- Back Home

Backstreet Boys- Incomplete
Backstreet Boys- Millenium 
Boyzone- Brother

Boyzone- Said and Done 

Take That- Beautiful World

Take That- The Circus

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