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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Codes and Conventions of Boyband music videos

There are several common codes and conventions which typically appear in a boy band music video. (Some youtube clips were unable to embed)

  • "The Christ like Gesture" This shows a real exaggeration of emotion, it is almost a pleading like gesture
    Backstreet Boys are seen doing this in their hit "I want it that way" 

    •  The location, is most often, an abandoned space, or a deserted landscape. For instance an industrial warehouse or a cliff top. 

      Take That in their hit "Patience" used a cliff top, with mist and a storm. This features the band members carrying their microphones to the top of a cliff, they then perform once at the top. 

      • There is also usually some sort of female, which the song is sung about

      Boyzone famously used a mysterious male in their music video for "Better" this shows the significance of Stephen Gately "coming out" as a homosexual was to the world of the pop, the rest of the band members were paired with females.

      • Water is often used for dramatic effect, often water is dripped on the boy band members throughout the video

      However a burst of water can often be used to signal a dramatic moment in the song, for instance in "Pray" by Take That, the water is dripping over the semi naked boy band members bodies, this will target a young female audience

      • Lip syncing, most often boy band members will lip sync the words that are being sung

      • Slow motion is also often used, this again exaggerates something or for emphasis
        This can be seen in Westlife's video for "Uptown Girl" when the female, which is Claudia Schiffer takes her hair bobble out, this is to emphasize her beauty and the fact that everybody is looking at her 

        • Boy band music videos often include levitation, in which, and object is suspended by a physical force against gravity

        • Black and white is also often a key concept of boy band music videos
        This can be seen in several, such as Boyzone- Better 

        • Many also have both colour and black and white, this also adds dramatic effect, for instance, Take That- The Prey

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