Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Boy bands who have made a "come back"

As we are creating our music video to be a "re-release" of the orginial track, I have researched a boy bands that have previously split up and created new music, to see what style they used for their music video's, and if their fan base has varied.

On 13 February 1996, Take That formally announced that they were splitting up. Following this announcement, millions of their fans were distraught, teenage girls threatened suicide and were seen in tears, telephone hotlines were set up by the goverment to counsel them.

This shows the audience of the band.

There comeback single "Patience" was released in November 2006, 6 days later it became Number 1 and stayed there for 4 weeks.

  • The music video does seem to still follow a typical boy band video
  • The setting is on a discrete cliff
  • Close ups on them singing
  • Dressed in smart, casual gear, such as suits, scarfs
  • Carrying their microphones
  • They are near the sea, again a common code of a boy band music video
  • Shots of the scenery
  • Establishing shots
  • They all then join up, walking across the cliff edge, this could signify they have come back together as a group
  • Close up shots of them with the microphone
  • Misty and dark
This video shows that they have gone for the "typical" boy band video, although clothes have changed. 
The audience will now be also young females, but as well older fans that were young when they were around before they split, from 12-36, it will also appeal to older females, as it is a "love song." 

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