Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Monday, 31 January 2011

Rough footage

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

We did some practise footage of our scenes from our "Moors location." This is where lots of our shots will take place, and all the choruses, so we had to practise, especially as the last chorus is so long. 

Through the sample footage, we found some of it is very dark, therefore we have to make sure we film it during the light, especially our footage of the scenery, as this was very blurred when it was dark. 

I placed some music onto one of our shots on the "sample footage" video above. 

We found some good shots, and a variation of shots that we can take from different angles, and different places on the moors. 

We also worked out positions for when we do a "four shot" of them all, and placed Andy towards the front.

It has been very beneficial doing rough footage, as we now know what to expect on the day of filming and how to avoid it. 

Emmie directing the cast

Me and Emmie filming

90s Boyband to be UK Eurovision entry

Blue are a British boy band, there are four members, Simon Webbe, Lee Ryan, Duncan James and Antony Costa.

Blue Fanpage

The group formed in 2001, and split in 2005. In April 2009 the group reunited and a "Best of Blue" tour was announced.

Blue was announced to be reuniting as a band on 29th January 2011 and to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision song contest in Germany with their entry "I can."

Blue to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision 

This shows that boy bands are still around today, and making comebacks, therefore this is a good time for us to re-release the Backstreet Boys track we have chosen.

However it has not all been positive press about them representing the United Kingdom in Eurovision.

Blue to represent United Kingdom in Eurovision- Insanity

It has been argued that Blue must win the Eurovision song contest or their reputation will be in  "tatters." They will be strong favourites but may not win it. 

In November 2010, three boy bands were at the top, with Take That, JLS and Westlife all being in the top three in the UK music charts.

This shows that boy bands do still have a big impact on the country, and still have a strong audience.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Possible photos for our Digipak

Here are some sample shots we took for the front and back of our Digipak. 

We used an SLR camera to get the shots, with the quality and focus being much higher than in a standard digital camera. We took the shots on the moors, in which is a location that will appear in the music video, with them wearing smart attire, again the same clothing that will be in the music video. This is due to us releasing a DVD of the video included in the digpak.

The next two are our favourite shots, Emmie has already "played" around with the editing, but if we do use these photos, we will make it a much more edited black and white, and the sky a bright blue. 

The Front

The Back 

We feel this picture really captures their own unique personality traits, with our main singer, Andy, being slightly more forward than the rest of the band.

Friday, 21 January 2011


We do not need many props for our music video.

However, we do need a basketball, for the beginning of our music video, the boy band will be playing basketball, and just "messing around" when they throw the ball at Andy, and he misses the ball as his attention is drawn to the female who is walking past.

We may also use a guitar for some single shots of the boy band members, James can play the guitar, therefore we may choose to use a few shots with a guitar.




We have decided to do two different costume changes of the males in our music video.

During the chorus, the boy band members will be wearing suits, which are black and white, these are the shots that we are doing on The Moors, in a discrete setting.

It will be smart/ casual suits.

As each member of a boy band is unique, each of their suits will be different, for instance one may wear a tie and the other not.  

(All Members of our boy band dressed in black and white ^^^^^^)

These will also be the same suits as worn for the cover of our Digi-pak album. 

Take That are seen wearing quite smart attire in their video for Patience, when they too, are on a discrete setting. 

The other shots will be in casual, everyday attire, but fashionable, each clothing representing the uniqueness of each member.

This can be seen in the music video for JLS- One Shot 

And JLS- Everybody In Love

The Wanted- All Time Low, are also examples of clothing our male boy band members may wear

And The Wanted- Heart Vacancy 

However, due to the cold weather, and us using locations that are outside, such as a pebbled beach and the skate park, they may have to wear warmer clothes, however, this is not a problem as it will go with the weather of the video.

Westlife in their video for "What About Now" are wearing warm clothing, including duffle coats and scarves, all fashionable items. 

Location Scouting

Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

 We are also planning on using shots of the band playing basket ball at the beginning, as the female walks past and catches the main singers eye, this is similar to the original video for Backstreet Boys- As Long As You Love Me 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Our idea for the Digi-pak

For our digi-pak we have decided too:
  • Use a black and white image of all the members of the boy band, with just the sky as the background, we will edit the background to make it very bright blue, and that is where we will put the title of the album etc
  • It will be a medium shot, of the boys heads and shoulders, they will all be stood in their own unique positions
  • The back of the digi-pak will be in essence the back of that shot, it will be the back of the boys heads, in exactly the same positions as the shot of the front
  • The inside will then be a maroon type colour, and on the left hand side of the inside packaging will be shots of the band
  • There will be four square images, all one underneath each other, to make it resemble a photo booth photo, they will be wearing the same clothes as on the front and back of the digi-pak
  • The boys will be wearing black and white clothes, for instance a white shirt and a black tie
  • On the right hand side of the inside will be the information needed 
  • The c.d will have a maroon and black checked square on the left hand side, and it will be white on the right, this is where we will include the information 

  • Westlife used a black and white theme for their most recent album "Gravity"
  • This album was released in November 2010, this shows that it is a modern idea
  • And that boy bands are actually using this idea
  • We are releasing our digi-pak as part of an album
  • As we are releasing our digi-pak as an album, this means it is not being released as a single, we have to research what type of album it is that we want to sell
  • In January 2010, a second "Greatest hits" of Backstreet Boys was released, including the song "As long as you love me."
  • This was called "Playlist: The Very Best of the Backstreet Boys"

  • The tour finishes on July 30th 2011
  • Therefore, due to them touring, we could re release  Greatest hits, whilst they are touring, as this is when they will be in the spotlight and people we will be re listening to their songs
  • It can include a bonus addition of the new music video for "As long as you love me" which will be the video we create 
  • The album would be released for April/May time, whilst the tour is still going on  
  • This means that we will have to create a digi-pak with extra space the music video
  • We will have to advertise the new version of the music video, to promote and sell the product

Many boy bands have used shots of all members of the band for the front of their albums/singles

Westlife- Back Home

Backstreet Boys- Incomplete
Backstreet Boys- Millenium 
Boyzone- Brother

Boyzone- Said and Done 

Take That- Beautiful World

Take That- The Circus


"Wewow are leading the way in innovative, eco-friendly CD and DVD packaging" Wewow

A speaker from Wewow, came into talk to us about the production of digi-paks. 

Digipaks are a style of CD or DVD packaging, they typically consist of a gatefold (book-style) paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD attached to the inside.

The digi-pak is the alternative to the standard jewel box packaging. It is made mostly from thick card, it allows great graphic display. 

Originally used for the album packaging of leading musicians, the digi-pak is now priced reasonably enough to be used for any CD or DVD project. It can be made to accommodate a booklet either by placing in a die-cut slot or gluing onto one of the panels.

  • The band will go to the company with a certain amount of money and they will produce the digi-pak or dual case for them
  • They will usually have a design idea, they can work with just an A4 sheet of ideas
  • IRSC codes are to protect the music, it is for copy right purposes, the company can add them
  • To produce a glass master copy and then press that, for instance to produce a 1000 will cost about 17p per disk
  • If you were to produce a million disks, for instance for a release of a single, it will cost approximately 4p
  • Many bands will only be using the disk to give to fans, not to sell, therefore they do not need an official bar code, however they sometimes will use a QR code, which can link to the band websites, myspace etc
  • Digipaks are increasingly becoming popular to the industry as the cost of plastic is increasing, this causes production costs to ride
  • Digipaks are 50% less polycarbonate, 50% less production energy and 52% lighter 
  • This decreases the cost of importing as the price is done on weight
  • Some digi-paks are 100% recyclable, potatofome tray and a new bio-lice tray
  • Wewow do focus on cost-effective packaging, due to new bands not being able to afford expensive packaging
  • They must have a MOPS license- this is a mchanical copyright that makes sure no one rips them off
  • A standard dual case would cost approximately 1.5 p in the millions
  • Digipaks do cost more than this, but however they are on the decrease thanks to new technologies
  • The main place Wewow shift to is Amazon
  • Due to a panic about carbon emissions, companies need to decrease them, this is one of the main reasons CD/DVD packaging is moving towards Digipak 
  • It will not be viable to produce jewel cases in years to come
  • Video CD'S (VCD'S) are becoming increasingly popular
  • The design flows throughout the digi-pak 
  • Older record companies may like the older packaging look- mirroring the old vinyl records
  • It looks good on bands if they are seen to be using an eco-friendly way of production
  • Some bands may just want it as a limited edition to their albums for instance Keane- Hope and Fears album, they released this album in Digipak as a small limited edition run 
  • The smallest they can produce is one unit

    Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

    Saturday, 15 January 2011

    The Group

    Even though we changed our idea, me and Emmie Bryett, ( have decided to carry on working together.

    We have never worked together before as a group, as we were in separate classes last year, however we have both liked each others ideas, and we seem to work well together, "bouncing" off each others ideas. We share the same interests into the type of music we enjoy and listen too.

    Megan (on the left- me!): I can carry out extensive research into our project, I do this by using media technology tools, and finding videos off websites such as youtube. I make sure I have a thorough understanding of what it is that we are trying to achieve, for instance who our target audience is, I then carry out research into this, to make sure I have evidence, for instance by asking people of different age ranges if they are interested in our idea. Due to this research that I carry out, I know what needs to be incorporated into our music video, I have found out key aspects of a boy band music video, the common scenes, clothing and dance moves. This will thoroughly help us compare to existing texts and help us "sell" our product. I am a motivated individual, and will not let down the other member of my group. Last year, I found I struggled due to lack of planning, I am adamant for this not to happen again. I do like to sometimes "take the lead" which I feel will help with a role of directing.

    Emmie (on the right):  Emmie has a very wide music knowledge, her taste of music is very broad, helping her know the codes and conventions of each genre of music and what they tend to include in their music videos. She has a lot of knowledge of boy bands, and especially on aspects such as re-releases and "come backs." This is significant as we are doing a "re release." Emmie, does not tend to do as much writing as me, however, she does find out key points and she was an asset to our group when we were struggling of coming up with a new idea after we realised our original idea was a tad ambitious. She is very reliable, and will get anything done that she is asked too. She knows what shots work well together and she will also make a very good director for the dance moves and lip syncing, she knows various dance moves that we could incorporate into our product. 

    Together, we will both edit, and both shoot the material, as there is not one of us that has a sounder understanding of these two. 

    Friday, 14 January 2011

    Target Audience

    Boy bands do typically target their music at young females, they do this by the way they dress, their personalities and their looks. 

    They also do it by using certain aspects in their music video, such as them being "topless" and them using a female character, so young girls can "aspire" to be them.  
    (embedding was diasbled)

    Many boy band music videos also show crowds of female fans, showing that other females support them "so you should too."

    However, Backstreet Boys were a band that were most famous in the 1990's, therefore their young female audience will now have got older, therefore this widens the target audience, it can now range from about 10-30.

    Commonly, boy bands do not appeal to males. 

    We have interviewed a range of people, to find out the audience our music video would attract, and if their was anyways of widening the audience.

    For instance by using a female in the music video, could this appeal to males, bringing in the "male gaze."

    And, could using good looking, "macho" males, bring in the "pink pound" theory.
    (embedding was disabled)

    We asked a range of questions including:
    • Do you have a favorite boy band from the 1990's?
    • Do you still listen to any boy bands and if so who?
    • If a boy band that you liked were to re-release one of their hit songs, would you listen to it?
    • If not- what would make you listen to them?
    • Do you have any boy band songs on your I-pod?
    • What would you say is your favorite all time boy band video and why?

    Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

    We then showed them a sheet of paper, with four images of boy bands on, which were Westlife, N Sync, Backstreet Boys and Boyzone. We then asked them to name the four boy bands. 

    targ a


    From our research, we found that our target audience is going to be young females, that were born in the 1990's, aged between 12-28. 

    This is due to them growing up with the bands, and the bands releasing songs which reached number one when they were younger, therefore they have a lot of memories about the boy bands, and also young girls admire boy bands, and tend to listen this genre of pop music.

    Originally we thought we could target an older female audience, 30 plus, but however through our research, it suggests that Backstreet Boys did not have the same influence on the older females as bands such as Take That or Westlife did, this may be due to Backstreet Boys primarily basing their target audience at young teenage girls, so they did not produce songs for an older generation, Take That have also had a lot of fame thanks to Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow who are heart throbs for women. 

    However, we did find, that if were to make the band more "modern" looking, it may appeal to some teenage boys, like JLS, The Wanted and One Direction have. They can relate to their looks, fashion sense, personality and their fame with young females.

    Also using, young, attractive, males, may draw in the "pink pound theory". As we are catering to homosexual customers. And using an attractive female can draw in the "male gaze." A theory by Laura Mulvey, In which we are using attractive female in our music video, she is the object of desire, and is being used for visual pleasure. This may widen the audience of the music video.  

    These will be our secondary audiences. 
    Our primary audience will be female teenagers. 

    However, many have argued that a complete come back from a boy band is not going to happen:

    However, Backstreet Boys have been known to be making a come back, therefore us re-releasing this song may be a good time as the band are in the spotlight-

    Thursday, 13 January 2011


    After researching new and old boy bands, we have decided to choose a cast that would suit the role of a modern take on boy band members, but also those that are willing to participate, dance and lip sync.
    They all have their own individual personality traits, and have the "boy band" member looks, we will also achieve this with different types of clothing.

    They all go to our school, and are aged 17-18. 

    To find out who would be our chosen boy band members, we asked them a set of questions, as followed:
    • What is your name and where do you come from?
    • Why do you want to be in a boy band?
    • Are you committed to a role in a boy band?
    • What personality traits do you have that are useful for a boy band?
    • What is your fashion style?
    • Who would you compare yourself to that is already/was a member of a boy band?
    • Did you idolise any boy bands when you were younger?
    • How will you handle the female attention?
    • Who is your favorite boy band?
    Untitled from megan claydon on Vimeo.

    As we are making the music video more modern, to appeal to a wider audience, the members will not resemble members of The Backstreet Boys, but more modern bands such as JLS and The Wanted.

    Due to One Direction getting extreme popularity from the nation on The X Factor, they may also have that "look" to them, this is to appeal to young teenage girls, whom can see them as "heart throbs." 

    These are our four chosen boy band members:

     Like Gary Barlow from Take that, Andy will be the "eldest" of the group, he seems to be the one who takes charge. He will appear towards the front of the shots quite regularly, as if he is the "leader of the group." He will enjoy the power of being in a boy band, and the attention he will get from it. He will do a lot for the success of the band.

    Aaron will also have this image of being "a leader" 
    However he is much more laid-back, and is also quite "quirky" 
    He likes to have fun and will make a great boy band member! 
    He would probably get the reputation for being "the nice guy." 
    He would be like "Robbie Williams" from Take That. 
    He will also take centre stage in many shots. 
    He is the joker of the group.
    Aaron has been in a long term relationship for 3 years, the fame will not go to his head, he is down to earth, like Robbie, who has done a lot to help The X Factor in recent years. 

    Although not the youngest of the group, Robbie will
    most likely be the "heart throb" with his cheeky
    personality and his good looks, he also has a great 
    fashion sense. He will be the "baby" of the group.
    He will be like "Harry Styles" from One Direction.
    He will be involved with a lot of main shots of him by himself lip syncing but also backing dancing.
    He is very sporty, however, he will be seen as quite
    a feminine male and the one who loves himself!

    Jimmy is the youngest of the group, again he will be seen as      
    a cheeky boy band member, who will love the female
    attention, however very polite and sweet, he will be backing 
    dancing in shots, he will be like "Justin Timberlake" who was in Nsync. 
    He is a huge rugby fan. The typical macho male.

    We chose these four, as they showed the most enthusiasm and were keen to be apart of the band, therefore making them more reliable.

    They are all also four best friends, which will make them working together much easier, and will be able to show the true "bond" that boy band members have with one another.

    They were also not shy to dance or lip sync, and were great fans of boy bands.