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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Censored Music Videos

Many music videos have caused such contraversy that they have had to be censored, however MTV have come under strong criticism for being too "politcally correct" and sensitive.

(The substitute video)
  • Cher- If I Could Turn Back Time
  • Cher caused great contraversy in this music video by wearing a fishnet body stocking, with a revealing black one piece body suit on top
  • MTV banned the video in 1989, and later only played the video after the 9pm watershed
  • A censored version of the video was then produced, showing less sexual explicit content

  • Robbie Williams- Rock DJ
  • Due to it's explicit content, including Robbie Williams ripping off his clothes, skin and organs
  • The ending was cut by most music channels across Europe, including MTV and The Box
  • Other music channels cut from Robbie dancing in his underwear to dancing as a skeleton

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