Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cathedral- Autumn Twilight

  • Cathedral- Autumn Twist
  • Performance video
  • Heavy use of lighting
  • Special effects
  • Low camera angles and dutch angles
  • Panning
  • Close ups of facial expressions
  • Editing, cut to the beat
  • No audience can be seen
  • The music video is for the bands image and to connote their musical ability
  • Contrasts to other doom metal songs- fast paced guitar rifts

Doom Metal
  • Involves slow tempo's, low tuned guitars and a heavier sound than other metal genres
  •  Black Sabbath (1968) was the beginning of doom, they were influential to others
  • Performance video
  • Bright lighting and strobe lights
  • Shots of the audience- often involving mosh pits and crowd surfing, shows the genre of music and the enjoyment of the audience
  • Big hair and black clothing, also flares, like Black Sabbath wore  

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