Myself, Megan Claydon, and Emmie Bryett ( two A2 pupils from Ilkley Grammar School, aged 17, are creating the a promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music promo video together with a cover for its release as part of an album digipak (CD/DVD package) and a magazine advertisement for the digipak (CD/DVD package.)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Death Metal

Death Metal

  • Extreme sub-genre of heavy metal
  • It emerged during the mis 80's built from the musical structure of early black metal and thrash metal.
  • Death metal conventionally included heavily distored guitars, deep growling/grudging voices and extremely complex song structures with multiple tempo changes.
  • An example of some known Death Metal bands are : Death and Cannibal Corpse 

  • Both Music and Video starts straight away with each other and goes straight into very fast tempo music.
  • Extremely fast paced editing right from the start all the way through.
  • Very dark and gloomy setting
  • Mostly performance video
  • many closeups on instruments etc.
  • clothes etc- black, plain, black boots,all have very long messy hair,  lead singer has a t-shirt saying 'Death'- could be the big Death Metal band.
  • the cut away shots to the concept parts of the video- involve a man suffering(like the name of the song) -blood, cuts etc.. 

Underoath- Writing on the walls

  • The use of children
  • Not sweet, angelic, stereotypical children
  • Ballet outfit- counter type by angry facial expressions and them kissing
  • Living in a dolls house- browns and cream coloured= colour filters are used
  • Zooms out of the house
  • Strobe lighting- common in metal and dance
  • Shadow by limiting light source
  • Elliptical editing- kid jumping over the vaults
  • High budget

Cathedral- Autumn Twilight

  • Cathedral- Autumn Twist
  • Performance video
  • Heavy use of lighting
  • Special effects
  • Low camera angles and dutch angles
  • Panning
  • Close ups of facial expressions
  • Editing, cut to the beat
  • No audience can be seen
  • The music video is for the bands image and to connote their musical ability
  • Contrasts to other doom metal songs- fast paced guitar rifts

Doom Metal
  • Involves slow tempo's, low tuned guitars and a heavier sound than other metal genres
  •  Black Sabbath (1968) was the beginning of doom, they were influential to others
  • Performance video
  • Bright lighting and strobe lights
  • Shots of the audience- often involving mosh pits and crowd surfing, shows the genre of music and the enjoyment of the audience
  • Big hair and black clothing, also flares, like Black Sabbath wore  

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jamie T- Sheila

Jamie T - Sheila on MUZU.

  • Released in 2006
  • Grime music
  • Targeted at teens as it is modern rap
  • Mise-en-scene involves empty bottles of alcohol, connoting the video is aimed at an older audience
  • There are then close up shots of Jamie T

  • The video uses monkeys as characters
  • It is a short film, it has taken everyday life and changed one varaible
  • There is then inter-cuts of Jamie T on a black background, making sure he is the main focus
  • The monkey's are acting out the lyrics of the song, therefore it is a narrative video 
  • Repeating an action through editing (the monkey throwing things in the bin)
  • Ellipsis, there is time cuts

  • Offensive language is censored
  • One of the monkeys is connoted to be a female by a pink beaded necklace 
  • The music video is fighting for viewers attention, there is shots of day time and night time, this grabs the audience's eye
  • Gradually Jamie T moves further and further away from the camera, and the music video ends with a long shot, this is a reverse zoom

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Bloc Party- So here we are

  • Indie
  • A concept video
  • Follows the whole of the band throughout the video- cut shots- in the same location
  • Intertextual reference- American Beauty

  • All walking through the same location
  • Each thing is happening in each frame but from different angles
  • Dull Mise-en-scene
  • Close up shots of band members, they are the main focus
  • It is similar to the music video for The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
  • Tracking down the street

  •  Low angled shots, editing, spinning in the air
  • Sky- emphasises dreaminess, conventional for indie music videos
  • Shots of feet
  • Photos are put together to create a montage of still images- cut together
  • Dark to light- elliptical editin
  • Creates the sense of head shaking
  • Madonna- Ray of light also used similar editing and time lapse, however it is in the city
  • Whereas in Bloc Party's video it is sub-urban, it isn't glam, or exciting, it shows the dullness of everyday life

  • The ending is similar to the beginning 
  • However it has moved locations from the rural area to the sub-urban area
  • Connotes dullness, feeling lost, boredom
  • The lyrics could suggest how people feel when they take ecstasy, a moment of purity and going back to that feeling 

Bloc Party- So here we are lyrics 

Guns N ' Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine

  • Shot of the band logo and diegetic sounds
  • Working in a room- preparing for a concert- practise 
  • Close up of instrument's showing talent and ability

  •  Leather clothing, Cigarette's in mouth, tattoo's, tassel's, black tight skinny jeans, biker boots- these all create mise-en-scene
  • Inter-cuts of black and white shots- this grabs people's attention
  • Lots of shots of AXL- connoting he is the lead band member
  • Fast zooms, whip pans, dutch angle's 
  • Behind stage footage

  • Behind stage footage
  • Inter-cuts of a girl in black and white, connoting she is who the song is about
  • Close up of tattoo's- adding mise-en-scene
  • Drum kits- can create a variety of shots, close up of feet, hands, high cuts, shots of the drums vibrating- inspired by Motley Crue- Wild side

  • Instrumental breaks
  • Inter-cuts of a crew recording them
  • Not a major venue- the band make it more energetic and lively- Guns N' Roses are a huge band- can afford to use performance video's like this one
  • Backdrop- the logo of Guns N' Roses
  • Head banging

 Guns N' Roses- Sweet Child O' Mine 

Gothic Metal-

Gothic metal or goth metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music. Gothic metal combines the aggression of heavy metal with the dark melancholy of gothic rock. The music of gothic metal is diverse with bands known to adopt the gothic approach to different styles of heavy metal music. Lyrics are generally melodramatic and mournful with inspiration from gothic fiction as well as personal experiences. - Wikipedia 

In the 21st century, gothic metal has moved towards the mainstream in Europe, particularly in Finland where groups such as The 69 Eyes and HIM have released hit singles or chart-topping albums. 

In the US, however, only a few bands such as HIM and Lacuna Coil have found commercial success.

Typical Instruments: Vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, keyboards, violins and cellos 

Him- Wings of a butterfly

  •  Formed in 1991
  • Released seven full albums to date
  • Fast zooms of tall buildings
  • Gloomy, dark, rain, thunder clouds connotes the genre
  • Inter cut of the drummer playing, this is from a high angled, connoting a crane may of been used
  • Flash lighting
  • Tracking of tall buildings
  • The symbol of the band can also be seen throughout the video, glowing blue, making it stand out 
  • Inter cuts of the singer, dark hair, tattoo's and black clothing are all common conventions of the genre, all very gothic
  • Close up shots, show emotion 
  • High angled shots of the band performing
  • Close up of guitarist's showing talent and ability
  • Wearing the symbol of the band, advertising them
  • Very dark settings
  • Lighting effects
  • Flash lighting
  • Editing to place the main singer in front of the buildings
  • Several shots of the main singer

Monday, 20 September 2010

Gwen Stefani- Cool

  •  This is a narrative video, the video follows the lyrics
  • The genre is pop
  • And it is targeted at young female teenagers
  •  The video starts with a two shot of a couple, the female looks nervous, as she straightens her dress out
  • There is then a long shot of a mansion connoting wealth
  • Gwen Stefani then answers the door, the house is very rich and luxurious

  • Gwen Stefani and the man then shake hands and look happy to see each other, this connotes they have known each other before
  • She touches her hair as if to say she has changed it and been complimented on it
  • She then gets introduced to the female, connoting she does not know who she is
  • Gwen Stefani then bangs into the male, connoting there is a bit of tension, he is the male she is talking about in her song
  • It then cuts to clips of Gwen Stefani and the male, connoting they used to be in a relationship, these are also signified to be memories, she is looking back on them and remembering them

  • There is then inter-cuts of Gwen Stefani on her bed, with heels on, and red lipstick, this is seen as very "sexy" and although not really a music video for males, it could draw in the male gaze and widen the audience
  • The clips of Gwen and this male connote she is looking back at memories, it is signified that they have now broken up and he has brought his new girlfriend round to meet Gwen Stefani

  • There is then a close up of Gwen singing, again a common code of pop music videos, it is very provocative with her bright blonde hair and red lipstick

  • Inter-cuts of Gwen Stefani, the male and the female then cut through, as it follows the lyrics
  • Gwen then lies on the bed, again being very provocative on a gold silk sheet, this again signifies wealth and luxury

  • There is then an image of Gwen and the male of one of "the flashbacks" looking at the house that was at the beginning of the music video, connoting Gwen Stefani has bought the house 
  • There is then shot reverse shots of Gwen Stefani looking on at her ex holding his new girlfriends hand, the close up of Gwen's face connotes she is jealous

  • Gwen Stefani then places a ring from her finger onto the female's signifying they were engaged and now he is engaged to this new female
  • It then ends with the three of them walking down the beach that she had a "flash back" and memory of her with the male

Taio Cruz- Dynamite

  • The video starts with a high angled shot of a group of girls, all in bikinis, connoting this is to draw in the male audience (Male Gaze)
  • There is then a close up side shot of female with two females behind her in short clothing again connoting it is used for a male audience
  • It is RnB

  • There is sparks coming off from where the two girls are, again this could be seen as post-modernism, as this was used in Madonna's music video for Vogue
  • Lady Gaga also used a similar scene in her music video for Bad Romance
  • Taio Cruz then pulls up and everyone stops to stare at him, this could be seen as menaissance, there is a backlash, men are reverting back to traditional ways and wanting to be seen as "macho" and powerful

  • This could also show the patriarchal society we live in, and the females are just being used for the video, it is connoting Taio is superior, the women look up to him
  • He is dressed in all leather and wearing a helmet, this gives narrative enigma, he is also dressed very alpha-male
  • It then zooms in on the BMW logo, this is product placement, Taio Cruz will have been paid to advertise this in his video 

  • He then removes his helmet as the girls are watching him
  • And puts on his glasses, connoting his fame and wealth
  • There are then two girls following him, holding his briefcase, again connoting he is superior to them

  • There are then shots of females, however you cannot see their faces, just there bums and legs, and Taio is "looking them up and down" connoting they are just there for an object, and for the male audience, it could be seen as degrading
  • There is then close ups of Taio's face and him singing, often seen in music videos, connoting he is the main part
  • Females then start dancing around Taio, as he is stood on a car he is higher than them, this again showing how they "idolise" him, a low angled shot has been used to emphasise this

  • A group of girls are having a bubble fight in a jacuzzi, dressed in just bikinis, this is provocative and again is used for the 
  • Gold sparks then come from the sky, showing Taio's wealth and fame- he is the star of the video

  • The females then all cheer for him and he drives off
  • The video is concept, it doesn't have anything to do with the lyrics
  • It is aimed at teenage girls- especially tweenagers- those that want to be seen as teenagers, and dress act and behave like teenagers (10-14 year olds) 

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Michael Buble- Just haven't met you yet

  • The start of the video is a long shot of a supermarket, a typical scene for a pop music video

  • There is then different cuts of a range of foods in the supermarket 
  • There is then clips of the singer, Michael Buble, throwing food into the trolley, looking fed up
  • He is the main star of the video as he is the lead singer and this is what is expect of pop music videos
  • The audience is aimed at young female teens, you can tell this by the music video creating a "love story" and Michael, who is often seen as very attractive being the main part of the video
  • However older women will also like this kind of music

  • The foods do not have labels on therefore the video is not using product placement
  • Michael Buble then begins to walk towards the camera 
  • There is then a close up of him singing (or lip syncing) again a common aspect of pop music videos
  • There is then a shot of his legs dangling and his feet tapping to the rhythm of the music
  • There is low angled shots of him sat at the top of a shelf, often seen in music videos

  • You then see the back of a woman, adding narrative enigma
  • The lights start flashing when they look into each others eyes, showing "love" and that the song is about this woman
  • The female is not a stereotypical woman that you would expect to see in a pop music video, she has darker hair and is fully dressed, she is a counter type
  • There are then shots of them walking along the top of shelf's to find each other
  • There is then shots of the people working in the supermarket, showing everyday life, people can relate to Michael Buble

  • There is then a shot to a couple, which are older, this could connote looking into the future
  • There is then an editing shot of Michael Buble and the female moving across the screen sat around a table, and flowers, connoting this is their first date
  • They are then moving in a bed round the supermarket 

  • And the workers of the supermarket start dancing as it gets to the chorus showing happiness and joy
  • The old couple also then start dancing
  • There is also a band of trumpets in the supermarket, this is very fake and surreal, which is something you would expect of a pop music video
  • It is connoting that everything is "perfect" now he has met this woman
  • Confetti then starts falling from the ceiling

  • As everyone is dancing around Michael and the woman, connoting they are the main focus
  • They then all go outside and dance in the car park, again showing how un realistic the video is
  • You then see the cashier waiting for Michael to pay the bill, connoting it was all a dream
  • And everyone is staring at him as if he has just started singing in the middle of a super market
  • You then see the female woman enter the super market, connoting "it was meant to be" and that they really "just haven't met yet"
  • The video is narrative, it is acting out the lyrics of the song
  • Michael then leaves the supermarket, like a normal everyday person

Friday, 17 September 2010

Guns N' Roses- Paradise City

  • Duffs can be seen wearing an Aerosmith "wings logo" t-shirt in the video- showing their honour and respect, he is an inspiration

  • AXL Rose is seen sporting a World War II Nazi officer cap and a stage pass which appears to bear the SS eagle, Axl opens the pass, shows off the SS eagle, closes it and gives a meaningful look to the camera 

  • The other concert, was in the England, called the Monsters of Rock event at Donington Park, the reason for this is because some deaths took place while Guns N' Roses were performing, as a result, they thought the footage taken at the concert would be good footage and shows a sign of respect to those who died
  • Midway through the video you see them boarding the Concorde jet so they could make an appearance in England, and return as quickly as possible to continue to tour with one of their biggest influences 

  • A close up of a Guns N' Roses t-shirt and merchandise showing their popularity and fame
  • Far away shot of stage showing the size of the concert
  •  Medium shots of the band
  • As the lyrics start the video changes from black and white to colour
  • Close up of the lead singer- importance
  • Close up of musical instruments, showing talent and ability
  • Far away shot of the audience, shows the massive fan base, and there energy and enjoyment
  • Far away shots of the band, showing how they perform in concert
  • Shots of audience, hands waving in the hair, showing fun, adrenaline, energy, and the massive crowd- everyone wants to be at the concert
  • Cuts to black and white images of the band members in other scenarios
  • Two shots with the lead singer in showing they are the main focus
  • Inter cuts to other shots, such as the band practising and signing autographs showing their fame

  • A shot of the guitarist alone in the middle of the stadium showing the size of the concert
  • The backs of a Guns N' Roses jacket, again merchandise
  • The audience are holding up posters and banners, showing there idolisation for the band
  • Images of the crowd filling in the stadium, connoting they have a wide fan base
  • A close up of a girl clapping her hands on someone's shoulders, enjoying herself
  • Lots of jumping and head banging connoting energy and fun
  • Fast paced shots between images of the instruments and band members again connoting energy, gives a "buzz" to the music
  • Typical clothing and image that you would expect to see- long hair, studs, sunglasses, tattoos, leather

  • The crowd going "mental" and security having to take control draws in the target audience of male teens
  • Posters saying "AXL" showing his fame and people look up to him
  • Images of New York in the background of the inter cuts- connoting this is paradise
  • Shots of the audience and the band together- their idol, he is iconic- whip shots
  • Not a live track- as there are a mixture of shots between two concerts 

  • Crowd trying to get on stage again showing the band are iconic but the enjoyment and "madness" of the concert
  • Everyday life of band inter cuts, such as them using the toilet, finding it hard to get out of bed- the audience can relate to them, they are not seen as superior to them
  • Inter cuts of shots of police, connoting violence, what you would expect to see in a heavy metal music video- controlling the concert at Donnington Park Concert